Beyond Books









  • The House System

The school is divided into four houses namely Edison, Tesla, Newton & Einstein. This system provides more opportunities to inculcate the spirit of competitiveness and leadership among the students in various activities like literary, cultural, quiz, sports and social work etc. Each houses has house in-charges from the staff and Captain and Vice Captain from the students who co-ordinate the various activities of their house throughout the year.



  • Sports Activities

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. We have divided sports into major and minor games. All students are expected to take active part in all Major Games like cricket, football, athletics, kabaddi, Volleyball and Kho-Kho and also actively participate in at least two minor games like Taekwondo,basketball, chess, carrom and table tennis. Moreover, to increase the participation various sports activities like Annual Athletics Meet, Inter-House Chess and Carrom Competition, Inter House Kabaddi, Inter House Kho Kho Competition, Inter House Cricket Competitions are held annually.


  • Co-Curricular Activities

We at GIA promote the play way method of learning in the classrooms as well as out side the classrooms. The focus is to make our kids self sufficient and at the same time develop leadership skills in them. Various co-curricular activities like debates, speeches, essay writing competitions, poster making competitions, recitations, Inter house quiz competition are held on a regular basis to give them spontaneity of thought and a sharp mind.


  • Extra Curricular Activities

Not everything can be learned inside classrooms or inside books. Qualities like endurance, leadership, commitment, time management, team work, striving for excellence are learned when one preforms various activities in a team. We organise inter-house dance, singing, art and craft competitions on a regular basis. Music periods are held once in a week and choir is practiced regularly.

NOTE: All students are expected to take active part in curricular and sports  activities for their over all development.


  • The Morning Assembly

Prayer is like a key of the morning and the bolt of evening. – Mahatma Gandhi.
Our mornings at GIA start with the pious morning assembly where we remember the Almighty. Then we update ourselves with daily news followed by The Pledge, Thought of the day and the National Anthem. The assembly is followed by five minute meditation by the staff and students, thus giving them a balanced start to the day.

NOTE: All the staff and students are to compulsorily attend the morning assembly daily. The school gate closes 10 minutes before the start of the assembly and no student will be permitted to enter the school campus once the school gate is closed unless permitted by the principal which may be in special circumstances only.