Fees Structure

Comparative Fee Chart Based On Formula Of 5% + CPI (Education) As Envisaged In
 The Uttar Pradesh Self Financed Independent Schools (Fixation of Fees) Ordinance 2018

Classes2015-162016-17% Change2017-18% Change2018-19% Change
Nursery - UKG6000750025%870016%87000%
Classes I - V7200870020.8%990013.7%99000%
Classes VI- VIII8400990017.8%1110012.12%111000%
Classes IX- XN/AN/AN/A13500N/A135000%
Total Change in PercentageN/A21.2%13.94%0%

Fees Charged from New admissions only allowed as per (i) and (ii) of section 3(a) :

Nursery - UKG1002500
Classes I - VIII2003000
Class IX-X5003500

Examination Fees Charged

ClassesExam Fees
Nursery - VIII600
Classes IX - X800

Great Indian Academy does not charge any Building/ Development/Prospectus fees. The statement is base on CPI +5% in which CPI (RURAL) Education of December month from https://dbie.rbi.org.in/DBIE/dbie.rbi?site=home is taken as school is located in Rural area and cater most of the rural students. This Fee Chart is subject to any further change/decision by competent authority. This fee structure is meant for old students only.

NEW FEES FOR 2019-20

ClassesAnnual Composite Fees (Payable in 12 Equal Installments)Installment Amount% increase from 2018-19
Nursery - UKG90007503.44%
Classes I - V108009009.09%
Classes VI - VIII1200010008.10%
Classes IX - X1440012006.66%

Fees has been calculated on the basis of Fees Regulation Act 2018 and average of rural and urban CPI has been taken into consideration which comes to 5 + 4.25 = 9.25. School has increased an average of 6.90% only.